Some strange things I do…

2 Feb

For the second time in my life, I asked a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. No, I’m not changing my marital status. The beautiful woman above is still the love of my life. This time it was for a Costa Rican who felt his English wasn’t sufficient to the task of communicating his heart to his prospective father-in-law in Nevada. It was quite an experience as I empathized both with the young man asking and the father hearing that his loved daughter is at this momentous point in her life. I was called in to help navigate language and cultural barriers, yet the message was clear…this young man wanted to show honor and respect to the father of the girl he loves. That message crosses all cultures and set this couple on a path for healthy relationship and marriage in the future.

As believers we can use language and culture barriers to identify those things that are basic principles in humanity. When we communicate honor and respect in presenting the gospel we find those natural barriers fall. What a privilege it was to end the call with a prayer for the father, daughter, and future marriage. This couple knows Jesus…the father does not. I pray that the seed planted will result in not only the father but the rest of the family coming to know Jesus.
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