Moving Latin America Pictures

25 Jan
A weekend in Miami…but for working fun, not the sunshine and beaches.  The weekend began a two-week short term trip for four videography teams helping our Latin America/Caribbean division develop short videos to explain and promote the missions work in our area.  These gifted videographers/producers bring strong backgrounds in professional video production along with their willingness to serve the Kingdom with what they’ve been given.  One week of shooting footage in Costa Rica, Haiti, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City will be followed by a week in Costa Rica in intense production sessions.  By the end of the week we hope to have four country specific videos and one overview of the ministry in Latin America/Caribbean.  

One of our key partners in Costa Rica, Eduardo Castillo and I spent the day wandering all over our area of San Jose while the videographers shot their film and did their artistic magic.  We got pretty good at following odd-sounding directions…and lugging heavy equipment.
Stay tuned for links to what we believe will be some wonderful videos.

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