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A taste of a week of ReachGlobal ministry in Brazil

2 Aug
Joao Batista, Director of Mission CENA posing for VEJA magazine (Brazil’s version of TIME).

ReachGlobal missionaries Craig and his Brazilian wife Alessandra live in Rio de Janeiro and work with a variety of partners.  Why partner? Because just like the body of Christ, each partner brings special gifts and abilities into play.  Each complement the other and enhance the work.  This is a short update from Craig who has three Rio churches and two missions engaged with our partners in Sao Paulo this week.

A child plays in the courtyard of an abandoned building that his family and a hundred others invaded to stay off the streets. 

Thursday: Children’s Ministry at the Club Casa Amarelo (Yellow House)- 40 children- Many come from families that live in abandoned or condemned buildings.  Thursday Evening we will participate with the Church’s small groups. 
Friday:  We will be cleaning two buildings 1) the nursery and 2 the Casa Amarela. The plan is to give the CENA missionaries a break from this daunting task!

Friday Night:  We will go out in the streets of Crack Land where 100s of Zombie like figures, lost people, wander the streets searching for one more rock of crack to smoke.  Prostitutes and Transvestites linger in the shadows of night reminding us of how dark this place really is. 
Saturday:  We will have a special service for the CENA missionaries. We will take them out to Dinner and lead them in Worship and the Word and pray over each one individually. 
Sunday:  We will take some time to enjoy the Feiras (Street Markets of Sao Paulo)
Sunday Evening: We conduct the main Church Service.
CENA Farm- Nova Aurora.

Monday and Tuesday: We will be at the CENA farm were we will share the Love of Christ with about 40 men and woman working through a nine month restoration period. 
Wednesday: We will travel back to Rio de Janeiro.
Pray for Craig and our partners this week:

  • Encouragement for the CENA staff
  • New lives won
  • Safety in one of the darkest parts of the world
  • Stronger faith for all involved