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Family Retreat Day

29 Sep

Reachglobal leaders are encouraged to carve out time each month for a personal retreat day. Although Brian and I often have a difficult time fitting this into our schedules, God always shows up. This past Saturday morning was more of a “family retreat day”. A time to breathe fresh air, laugh with the kids, and enjoy the lake that we have missed for four years! The boat cooperated, and the rain held off until late afternoon.

Living life in the US, even though it is only for a few months, has presented challenges unique to our home culture. Fast-paced lives slow down for a few minutes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I long for the spontaneous porch chats with personnel and Latin church leaders and missionaries. Chatting with storeowners and neighbors while walking on foot, an impossibility with America’s sprawling suburbs!

But God is present and has interspersed calm moments with Him and others in the midst of a tightly-packed schedule. And among the blessings that are found in both countries? F-A-M-I-L-Y.