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Night life in Bangkok

30 Mar

Life in Bangkok is a little crazy. Ten million people make it one of the world’s bigger cities and its streets could be like those in just about any big world city. Nights are loud, traffic is wild, and the mix of people, tuk-tuks and vivid lights add to the mystery of this Asian capital. Tonight as we were walking back from dinner we came across a sight you wouldn’t expect in most large cities…a baby elephant out for a stroll entertaining the residents. Although the camera in my phone isn’t the best, you can still get an idea of that interesting sight.

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LeadTeam in Thailand!

27 Mar

We arrived in Hong Kong, rested and breakfasted in the club which we were comp’d by the airline! Imagine our surprise when our Reachglobal colleagues Bob and Joyce showed up when we boarded the plane to Thailand…and where were they seated? Directly in front of us!  This morning after a full 12 hours or so of sleep, we worked out, showered and enjoyed fresh raspberries and sushi(Cathi) for breakfast!  Brian has meetings, but I’ll be checking out the shopping so I can buy some things at a lower price than in Costa Rica! Pics to follow later, and join me in praying for our day of fasting and prayer, Sunday( Saturday the 28th for those of you in the US and Latin America)March 29th.




Friends well met in Hong Kong

26 Mar

The endless night

25 Mar

Cathi and I are on our way to Bangkok for a week and a half to attend our mission’s leadership conference.  We left our house at 6 a.m. on Tuesday and as I write this we are sitting in the Hong Kong airport 36 hours later, waiting for our last flight to get us to Bangkok.  Quite a trip!  We just took the longest flight either of us has ever taken – 14 hours in the air from Los Angeles to Hong Kong in a 747-400, the big nice double-decker kind.  We have to admit we’re a bit envious of the business class and first class cabins.  Much more conducive to rest than coach!



Making detailed plans for the 60 person youth trip in June

18 Mar


Orphanage in San Carlos Costa Rica

17 Mar


Heath Krueger visits Costa Rica to prep for youth trip this summer

17 Mar

Hospitality for a Houseful

14 Mar

Matt and his Wheaton buddies have worked, played and eaten this Spring Break! We are so thankful that they chose to visit Costa Rica! Here they are after a day of demolition at the Prometa office. Now some other teams can come and build what Prometa envisions! Just the thing to erase some mid-semester stress, frustration and get those endorphins and those appetites invigorated!


College boys can do a lot of demolition

13 Mar

Feeding monkeys in the jungle

12 Mar