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Measuring progress in small ways

30 Sep

My mom did need the bipap last night and a bit of today but her X-ray shows that the rate of fluid gathering around her lungs is slowing. We’d love to see it stop and her kidneys get to full speed. Pray that happens this week.
This time is a bit discouraging for her as you might imagine. However, given where she was just a week ago, I’m seeing vast improvement. My brother arrives tonight to spend a day with her and I’m sure that will be encouraging. We are grateful for your ongoing prayer and words of encouragement.

Twent-four hours of goodness

28 Sep

My mom has been off bi-pap since yesterday afternoon and has been breathing much better since the last fluid was taken from around her lungs. She was able to walk to the door of her room and back…a first since surgery. It wiped her out but it is a step in the right direction. Her mind is clear now, and although she tires easily, it is so good to have her back with us.
The goal is to move her from the intensive care unit to a step-down unit early next week. Then it’s a matter of getting her mobile again so she can return home. We are asking the Father for ongoing improvement in her kidneys and lungs as well as her strength.

A tough morning, a better afternoon and evening

28 Sep

As Cathi wrote earlier, the morning was a little tough but this afternoon after another liter of fluid was removed from around her lungs, she was much more clear and less labored in her breathing.  We spent a long time talking through the various possibilities of her next week, including moving to the step-down unit on Monday.  She was 98% herself, with just a couple of misunderstandings of her situation.  That’s to be expected after a week in the intensive care unit.

So we continue to look for less need for breathing support, improved kidney function, and sustained mental clarity.  Thanks for praying her to this point.

Confused (by Cathi)

27 Sep

Brian and I have been taking turns at the hospital for a few days. Yesterday I spent the afternoon and early evening which has been more difficult for Marian. I expected her to be alert and her early morning self, but found her respiratory rate elevated and despite a respiratory treatment, she is back on bipap. She is very confused about time, where she is and what is happening. In the midst of it all, and her confusion, I know our Lord is here  and the steps forward and back are part of her recovery.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Steady improvement in her lung function and oxygenation, normal, unlabored respirations
  • Mental clarity
  • Continued kidney and lung function

Thursday early afternoon

26 Sep

I’m seeing some real improvement both clinically and mentally today.  Her oxygen supplement is lower, she’s no longer on IV fluids, is drinking liquids (although not much interested in eating) and is interacting like her old self.  She’s frustrated at her limitations which ironically is a good sign because it means she’s more motivated to improve.  She still has the after-effects of the extended surgery and sedation in that she occasionally misses a few beats in her cognitive functions.  She tires very easily so visits need to be time limited, but she does enjoy seeing folks.  Mornings are best. In the afternoons she is more tired and struggles a bit more with breathing.

A big step today was when she was able to use her iPad a little and read a few emails.  Not bad considering I upgraded her device while she was “asleep” last week and it has a different look and feel.

A GREAT morning! (by Cathi)

25 Sep

I arrived to Presby CCU to find Mommy still in bed….and only because Physical Therapy was coming to help her become more MOBILE ! She spent a good 30 minutes learning about steps to becoming more adapted to Her HOME environment! YAY!

Her specialists have determined that she should soon be moving to a step down unit on 5th floor! Visitors spent the morning visiting, and laughing! What beautiful music to my ears! She’s up in the recliner eating lunch and drinking her favorite Diet Coke as I compose and post this! Moving towards increasing Independence! Not as foggy, and interacting with friends and family appropriately! Thankful to the medical staff and the Great Physician!

Tuesday evening

25 Sep

Cathi spent a good bit of the day with my mom, allowing Anna and me to spend some daddy/daughter time together at Lake Tillery.  Since I haven’t yet gotten Cathi up to speed on posting to this site, I’ll summarize where we are at the moment with my mom’s health.

She is eating some and drinking a good bit which will definitely help her hydration status.  However, they had to take more fluid from around her lungs, around one liter today.  That helps her breathe better but it is not a pleasant process.  She is getting a little frustrated at how weak she feels.  She tires so easily.  She was able to be up in a recliner for the morning though, and that’s a first since the surgery.  The balance of kidneys and lungs is still a battle and one that will not resolve very quickly.

Her mental status varies as well.  If she was reading this right now she might not be happy, but give it an hour and she wouldn’t be able to process it.  Her speech is definitely affected and her cognitive ability is not where she was before surgery.  We pray that this is the temporary result of the extended surgery, sedation and chemical imbalance which will resolve over time.

Pray for:

  • Kidney and lung balance
  • Body chemistry equilibrium
  • Return of speech and cognitive clarity