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Doors open when we’re about the Bride and not the brand

20 Feb
One month after the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, an even stronger earthquake hit Chile.  Due to building infrastructure and emergency services the impact was 1% of that in Haiti and it soon fell out of the news cycle.  However, through our ReachGlobal Crisis Response efforts connections were made that led to a growing strategic partnership in Santiago Chile.  And through that partnership we were introduced as trusted potential partners with another Chilean church that has cross-denominational partnership as part of its DNA.  They had been assisting a new and growing Haitian church that had sprung up among the 6,000 Haitian immigrants that had been given a chance to start a new life in this far-off land.  At the same time we have been blessed with strong partnerships with some of the key evangelical leaders of Haiti.  One of these, Jean Dorlus, was the president of the leading evangelical seminary in the country.  He traveled with us to Chile to meet and engage with this Haitian community of immigrants.  In this photo are Dr. Dorlus, in the blue shirt with Mark Lewis from ReachGlobal Crisis Response behind him.  Sitting in center front is Orlando who along with his father-in-law (second from right) pastor this Chilean church with a Kingdom mindset.  The rest are the Haitian brothers and sisters who have settled in Chile and are reaching their community for Jesus.
We don’t know what the ultimate Kingdom results may be, but we do know that God used us, and that neither the EFCA nor ReachGlobal names are going to be remembered.  What will be remembered is that God is faithful to his people and has his emissaries in many parts of the world, even the least expected.  We are thrilled to be used in this way, and we are committed to promoting the Kingdom over our own brand.  As a former US president said, it’s amazing what the results can be if we’re not worried about who gets the credit.  Bride over brand…it’s a Kingdom value.

What does it take to minister to over 1,000 patients in 4 ½ days?

18 Feb

An example of partnership that ReachGlobal facilitates across the globe, excerpted from a recent newsletter by Omar Rodriguez (, area leader for partnerships in the Latin America/Caribbean region. 


People. A good number of people as you might expect. But, lots of people are not necessarily the key either. Instead, what you dream of are people who are joyful, troubleshooters, willing to work out of their comfort zones, focused, those who understand what their job is and who know how to work with others toward the highest goal. It’s a pretty cool experience when that happens and I am always surprised how quickly a team can come together when you have those kinds of people around.

Observe. Don’t presume to knowUntitled2 who is across the table from you or what their need might be. Ask. Listen. Observe. In a way that demonstrates that the person whom you are serving is being treated like one who is made in the image of God.

Movement. When there are a lot of people to serve, you have got to move. Not in a chaotic fashion but with a proactive, coordinated and meaningful response to the patient and the situation at hand. Everyone has a role. Everyone is communicating. Everyone is attentive and active. Everyone seeking one thing, to serve the person in front of you with excellence.

Untitled3It’s a beautiful picture of how the church can be used by Christ to serve those in need. Not only their physcialneeds, but also spiritually. Every person that was seen, also had the opportunity to hear the Gospel, to be counseled if they so desired and to be prayed for. Our prayer is that many would be healed from all of their infirmities by the Great Physician and that they would experience the fullness of life that only Christ can bring. Would you pray toward that end with us?

“Your life is weird!”

17 Feb

That was my wife’s assessment yesterday after what she’s experienced accompanying me for over thirty years and had just experienced during a nice little walk we had on a nearby mountain.  It’s one of those stories that is much more funny afterwards, particularly if there’s a point in the story where the situation could either go very badly or turn out OK.  In the end, we were fine.  Brian and Cathi January 2015However, at the time my wife was wondering how I was going to get us through it.  All part of the weird life I’ve led and have been loved through by an amazing woman.

We were hiking on a mountain surrounded by lush cloud forest when an angry man with six angry dogs came riding up to us on a horse with a machete handing from his belt.  Back home I’d compare him to an old hermit in the hollars of Appalachia pointing a shotgun our way.  Turns out he insisted we were on private property and it wasn’t clear what his intentions were.  Keeping the story short, after an hour of using all the limited Spanish and understanding of human nature I have, we made a good friend who has invited us back anytime, even to go camping on the mountainside. Cathi’s summary after he made a special trip and dropped us off at our house: Life with me has been, is, and probably always will be weird.

I think she means it in all the most positive of ways.

La Carpintera- we see it every morning but today we hiked it.

15 Feb

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Building a ‘ministry house’ (organizational structure) for Equipos Internacionales in Costa Rica.

3 Feb

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