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A unique mission purpose…

13 Jun

Meet the Hunters…Jonathan, Maggie and Patrick.  This young family knows what it’s like to be a third-culture kid.  Jonathan grew up in Ecuador and both have a heart for these kids….our kids.  Watch this video to see why they are called to serve with us in Costa Rica.  What a wonderful way to serve in missions by complementing the teaching that we do for our own kids.

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Video update from our Haitian Queen rooftop

10 Jun

Matt in Haiti

3 Jun

An update from our eldest who is in Haiti for the summer following his first year of medical school

Just over two weeks ago I officially finished my first year of medical school at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC! It was a race to the finish with several projects and tests all due within a fairly short span and I was definitely feeling pretty worn out by the end. I left NC immediately after finishing school and arrived in Gressier, Haiti on May 19th, ready to jump right into life here at the Haitian Queen (our name for TouchGlobal’s ministry house in Haiti). My first week we had a volunteer team of 9 students from the University of Texas at Austin that came down to work with one of our partner orphanages. We had several major projects for the week including building a new bunkhouse and cleaning out the ditches that serve as their storm drain system. Although we were working in some serious heat and humidity without too much shade or breeze, the team had great attitudes throughout the week which made my job that much easier! I really enjoyed working with this group of energetic college students – it was just what I needed to be rejuvenated following a strenuous final month of medical classes.
At the beginning of this past week we had a new family physician, Dr. Elizabeth Godfrey, fresh out of medical school come down to spend this week working at Haiti Health Ministries. HHM is a clinic staffed by an American family physician, Dr. Jim Wilkins, as well as an American PA and a Haitian doctor. Dr. Wilkins has been living in Haiti for 12 years and has been working to provide badly needed medical care for the Gressier area. The clinic is just a 5 minute walk from our house and I hope to be spending quite a bit of my summer working and learning there! I was able to spend half of this week working in the clinic alongside Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Godfrey assisting with various procedures and learning more about the maladies common to Haiti. It was a great introduction to the clinic and I am excited to continue working with Dr. Wilkins this summer learning more about the art of medicine and how it can be used to share the love of Christ!
It has been a great couple of weeks so far in Haiti and I look forward to keeping you informed about what’s happening over the next few months. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support, my time here would not be possible without your partnership in our ministry!
Matt Duggan