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28 Feb
Mexico City is frequently on my mind and in my prayers.  With almost 30 million people within a 50 mile radius, Mexico City is truly in the top ten cities of the world.  But not just in population, this city is the gateway economically and socially between North America and South America.  The wealthiest man in the world is based there, and the city’s cultural influence is felt throughout the Western hemisphere.  In this fourth of five short videos about ReachGlobal’s work in Latin America and the Caribbean you can get a taste of what God is doing through ReachGlobal and how you can be a part of it.

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Jazz Honduran style

25 Feb

After three long days in meetings with various ministries, good food and great fellowship, what better way to top off the trip than an evening of jazz? Bob spent twelve years in Honduras and used his amazing gifts in music to train a new generation of gifted musicians. This evening we went to a cafe where some of his former students were playing and he joined in. What an amazing performance! Truly music crosses cultures and generations. Don't you wonder sometimes what the bands in heaven will be like?

Joy in serving the deaf in Honduras

22 Feb

The deaf in Honduras can be lost, particularly among the poor. Abused or neglected because they are not perceived as valuable, the deaf need a different approach. Today I visited a school for deaf children that exists to serve these kids in the name of Christ. Do you ever wonder if these teachers and administrators really enjoy what they do? I think the joy that exudes from this photo clearly answers that question.

Haiti: Beauty from Ashes

20 Feb

How can beauty come from ashes? In this third in our series of videos from Latin America/Caribbean we see a part of what God is doing to transform lives in a place where hope is rare.

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I didn’t have a clue…

14 Feb

We met when she crashed the senior picnic at our college president’s home. I was sitting with a group of friends and she joined us to talk and eat. A day later she dropped me a note asking to have coffee together and a friendship blossomed. Sometimes I think if she knew what she’d be in for she’d have run away as fast as she could. I, on the other hand, had no clue how blessed I would be to have this woman by my side for decades.

This Fall will mark thirty years that I have known this amazing woman. Thirty years of shared experiences, challenges, thrills and frustrations. She has supported me as I’ve moved through six careers that had us living in some wild places, with money and without, through doubt and triumph. What is even more amazing is that she considers it a life she’d live over again despite the fact that she hasn’t had what most would consider a normal life.

I suspect when we are face to face with our Savior we’ll learn about many blessings he gave us that we never knew. And I suspect the biggest blessing that I have received will be my wife who has been a major reason I’ve been able to do the things I do. Proverbs 31 describes a similar woman that is celebrated by her family and the community. My wife is that woman, and her family will rise up and call her blessed.

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Ministry life in Costa Rica: Love that moves

13 Feb

I am very excited to introduce you to some of the people we work with in Costa Rica.  Although my role takes me to many countries, this is home and we have the privilege of working with these people on a regular basis.  Thanks to Doug Peterson (with help from Jenn Stork) for the terrific work.  You gave sacrificially of your time and resources.  The value speaks for itself.  And for those who have been here…that’s Jose & Gabriela’s daughter.  She was a real trooper during the filming.

Would you consider joining us in ministry? God can use anyone with a willing heart to serve the kingdom in missions.

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ReachGlobal in Brazil: ‘Everyone is Called’

7 Feb
We just said goodbye to our four video teams who spent a week in one of four countries in Latin America / Caribbean then another week here in Costa Rica producing videos. This is the first of five videos we’ll be releasing over the next month.

Do us a favor…would you share this broadly with your friends, both real and social network types? We want people to know what is happening in this incredible work.


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