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Grab rest when you can

13 Oct

All night flights arriving just in time to go to church then begin our consultation with a wonderful leadership team in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Then more days of early morning to late evening work resulting in major progress with these new partners.  At some point the body demands some downtime.  So here we are in a Sunday School room in the church as the youth take advantage of a flat roof outside to improve their skateboarding skills. At that point the noise didn’t matter….finding a place to be horizontal for a half hour was all it took to give us a second wind.  
Doing ministry isn’t always about what we teach with words. It really is about how we live our lives with people.  Showing we are human and weak gives us opportunities to touch people in ways we never could accomplish otherwise.
And nothing says “you’re human” like admitting we need a power nap from time to time.
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