I didn’t have a clue…

14 Feb

We met when she crashed the senior picnic at our college president’s home. I was sitting with a group of friends and she joined us to talk and eat. A day later she dropped me a note asking to have coffee together and a friendship blossomed. Sometimes I think if she knew what she’d be in for she’d have run away as fast as she could. I, on the other hand, had no clue how blessed I would be to have this woman by my side for decades.

This Fall will mark thirty years that I have known this amazing woman. Thirty years of shared experiences, challenges, thrills and frustrations. She has supported me as I’ve moved through six careers that had us living in some wild places, with money and without, through doubt and triumph. What is even more amazing is that she considers it a life she’d live over again despite the fact that she hasn’t had what most would consider a normal life.

I suspect when we are face to face with our Savior we’ll learn about many blessings he gave us that we never knew. And I suspect the biggest blessing that I have received will be my wife who has been a major reason I’ve been able to do the things I do. Proverbs 31 describes a similar woman that is celebrated by her family and the community. My wife is that woman, and her family will rise up and call her blessed.

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