From The Birds and the Bees to A-B-C…

30 Jan

My family and friends know that the more I have crammed into my schedule, the more effective and happy I become, in all spheres of influence–family, ministry, relationships, work…you name it. There was a time, just after language school when I wondered how my being here mattered. Sure, I had a hubby to encourage, and he and the kids needed food and love, and those under the age of 18, legally needed educating as they were not attending school outside our home.

I had friendships, but little ministry or outreach in the community, and although I encouraged the Reachglobal women living here in Costa Rica and elsewhere, I felt strangely useless. As I often do, I poured out my sentiments to God, explaining that I was perfectly content to be homebound and involved with the most pressing of needs, my household, but that my giftings and passion for women and children were withering away. Unbeknownst to me, God did have plans but simply desired my willingness to do what He desired, no matter what that entailed. In those moments my cries were heard and now I cherish those days I am actually home.
Clinic days filled with caring for and educating Carpio’s women, womens’ groups in Spanish and English, family and ministry responsibilities, and most recently teaching English content for the Bachillerato (equivalent of the U.S. GED), homeschooling and training for a second half marathon vie for my attention. I am happy, healthier than when we arrived, and thriving. I wonder how we’ll fare while on home assignment and ask God to provide financial and prayer partners even now, so that our time in the States will be “just enough”, and we’ll be refreshed and ready to return to our neighborhood, community and church home here in Costa Rica willing and equipped to do what He desires.

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