Earthquake forgotten?

30 Jan

On August 15, 2007 two earthquakes over 8 magnitude separated by two minutes struck a large area south of Lima Peru. Three and a half years later there is still evidence that life can never be the same. It is a sad fact that headlines drive not only the public's attention, but also the focus for relief agencies who respond to crises. Three years ago there were many NGOs and crisis response groups focused on the earthquake impacted areas of Peru. Today in Chincha, one of worst hit areas, there are none to be seen. Yet God still has people doing his work, bringing hope not only for physical recovery, but also for renewed spiritual hope. Slowly homes are being built. Slowly people begin to trust those who bring both physical and spiritual help. We have eight teams coming to Chincha this year but more are needed. Teams bring hope, friendship, and a clear message that these people are not forgotten. Interested?

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