24 Aug
     As we head back from putting Keri into college, I can’t believe we are starting our third school year(second year of homeschooling) overseas. We miss Costa Rica, things Costa Rican, and appreciate ChikFilA and other things American, but look forward to speaking Spanish, hugging and greeting Tico-style, and welcoming our first family
to language school and San Jose as it begins next Monday. We were blessed during our time in the States and felt loved and cared for. Pray for this new Reachglobal family, the Johnsons, as they adjust to San Jose, immerse themselves in the culture and language prior to relocating to Peru sometime next year. Pray for Brian as he gears up for another intense travel season, and for a new Spanish Womens’ Bible study/discipleship group beginning in the panaderia near our home. Pray that God will raise up a Tica leader that can be discipled so that other Latina women may multiply these efforts. Keri and Matthew begin classes at Wheaton this week, and Ben and Anna dive right in to high school and 4th grade, respectively.  Pictures of our Wheaton trek later this week! Just as Brian and I began college 30 years ago, the circle continues- and more missionaries deploy to Latin America as well!

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