Holistic Ministry Team in Hot New Orleans!

12 Aug

     I was so excited that our Latin America Holistic Ministry team is gathering in person in New Orleans in August! The neatest part is that we are scattered throughout Latin America and the US, yet have the same purpose as church planters, yet different giftings/passion which will enable us to use ESL, specific women’s ministries, relief/development, health-related ministries, business as mission platforms for the common purpose of developing, empowering and releasing healthy churches throughout Latin America in a holistic manner.


     Yesterday we spent the day in the city(New Orleans)—it was hot(heat index 100+), serving the people there.  Two teams went out—one hung sheetrock and sanded, others did whatever a charter school needed done—working up a sweat—in and out of air-conditioning!

Thanks for praying for us—injury-free and  ready for our last day of meetings and some Cajun food in the Quarter tonight!   

One Response to “Holistic Ministry Team in Hot New Orleans!”

  1. sara August 19, 2009 at 5:53 pm #

    Cathi, You don't know me but I saw you were headed to Costa Rica & Kim Byrd is a DEAR friend of mine. I wish I could send her a Diet Mountain Dew. Just One – A precious gift from the Estados Unidos!SAfe Travels, Sara

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