I love capturing life stories written in the faces of people like this Fulani matriarch who is in a regular study of the Book and is seeking the Way

6 Sep

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Out in the bush with Fulani nomads

5 Sep

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Skull from a bull hippo culled at government request by one of our staff here in Central African Republic

4 Sep

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Humbled to accompany this godly servant meeting with religious & civil leaders during their celebration. And honored by them with this Kanuri tribe chief’s embroidered clothing.

2 Sep

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Praying with Pastor R who with great grace and joy serves in a majority “Mxslm” context . It’s a privilege to listen to this servant leader and to encourage him along the way.

1 Sep

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A little hike to 5,500 ft in the hills of Mbingo after a morning of observing surgery and medicine in this God-honoring ministry.

31 Aug

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Mbingo Cameroon via SIL Aviation. Business class included my own seat belt.

29 Aug

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