“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” ‭‭Martin Luther pointing to scripture he translated 500 years ago juxtaposed against a symbol of failed enforced atheism.

24 Sep

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While I’ve been wandering Berlin hoping my luggage would find me Cathi got to be with the Portland branch growing the next generation of the Duggan clan.

24 Sep

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Sunset over the Med puts a pleasant perspective even with the intensity of ministry in the Middle East

7 Sep

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From Asian mindset to Middle East sunset requires more than time zone adaptation…. It’s a mental shift that requires different questions and approaches

4 Sep

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Being the co-lead pastor of a multi-campus church with ~6K members can lead one to pride or joyful humility. Guess which Pastor Tony has chosen… the way of the servant.

3 Sep

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Celebrating with over 5,000 the 40 years of God’s grace with Covenant EFC in Singapore and thousands impacted across Asia

2 Sep

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Singapore views are pretty spectacular

1 Sep

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