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What do you do with nine college boys on Spring Break?

11 Mar

A beautiful evening for some beach frisbee

11 Mar

Going green…or at least cheap

7 Mar

We’re in the midst of changing vehicles from Korean to American. With our second child heading off to college soon we will be able to do just fine with a smaller capacity car. And with this change we are going green with propane. There are over 180 propane filling stations in this country the size of West Virginia, so this is a very convenient way to save. And with propane at just half the cost of gasoline, we hope to reduce our fuel expenses significantly. Our “new” car is a 1998 Chevy Silverado 2500. Big motor and hopefully fewer parts that will break on a regular basis.

We just have to get used to riding around with a potential-bomb in the back.

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Another year older

6 Mar

Forty-seven today…

The guy in this picture never imagined what life would be like on his birthday almost thirty years later. Less hair (but not as little as he feared), kids across three different decades, and traveling throughout the part of the world in which he dreamed he’d one day become a missionary. God has a terrific sense of humor. I had it all figured out back then. I had the plan all mapped and the steps lined up. But detours, failures, disappointments, odd circumstances and many many happy surprises made those plans silly and obsolete. How would things be different now if I had seen the future then? No way to tell, but I can’t think of any other way God could have put me where I am now other than to take Cathi and me through the crazy events of our lives up to this point.

Forty-seven doesn’t sound too bad from where I am right now. But I will still claim to be in my mid-forties for at least another year or two.

I wouldn’t mind if I got to keep the rest of my hair though.

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Happy Birthday, Brian!

6 Mar

I have so much to blog about and so little time… but today was Brian’s birthday so we celebrated! Instead of a birthday cake, he wished for an apple pie like dessert, so Keri whipped up Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream! He received lots of well wishes, but in the Duggan household we have birthday weeks so keep those birthday greetings coming!

Matthew and his college buddies arrive in a little over 24 hours, so planning meals for 15 takes some doing! They’ll be doing some mission work, we’ll keep you posted!  

Which part this month?

4 Mar

Glass half empty – What will break next?

How many times have you changed the water pump in your car in the last year? The fan clutch? Battery? Twice each for this car, plus a radiator, clutch, transmission, window motor and other parts I can’t even remember. Every month it’s something different. Every month it’s at a time we can’t do without a vehicle. Every month we wonder what part is going to fall off next.

Glass half full – a mechanic that makes house-calls

One phone call and a mechanic comes to our house, evaluates the problem-of-the-month, fetches new parts, fixes the van, and charges less than it would cost to have a mechanic back home even open the hood. Yesterday our water pump went out (second time in a year). Total cost for the whole repair including parts … $75. No waiting in lines, no towing charge. It’s much less inconvenience than at home.

So I choose to see the glass as half full. Sure the thing breaks more than a Yugo (remember those?), but ya gotta love the way it gets repaired.

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From patron to partner

1 Mar

What strikes you as you look at this picture of the man standing next to me? My first thought is “Antonio Banderas”. Actually, his name is Giovanni Mora and he is the president of a denomination in Colombia, a denomination committed to seeing new churches planted in Colombia and sending missionaries throughout the world. This photo was taken at Boca Grande in Cartagena where the group is looking for ways to grow new leaders and church planters. They have a number of missionaries already. One, Mario, has just arrived in Haiti. And Mercedes will be going to Venezuela to spend six months under the mentorship of one of our key church-planter coaches. Our mission is changing…we are seeking for and partnering with key leaders and organizations throughout Latin America, then using our various resources to equp them to carry out the vision of multiplying healthy churches among all people. I am privileged to be part of this exciting transition. Not to mention the wonderful places I get to visit. Missions can no longer be patronistic. If you can read faces at all, you’ll see a man standing next to me not as a “poor Latin brother”, but a full partner who has as much to offer as to receive. Thanks to all of you who help make this possible with your prayer and your support.

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