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Hospitality for a Houseful

14 Mar

Matt and his Wheaton buddies have worked, played and eaten this Spring Break! We are so thankful that they chose to visit Costa Rica! Here they are after a day of demolition at the Prometa office. Now some other teams can come and build what Prometa envisions! Just the thing to erase some mid-semester stress, frustration and get those endorphins and those appetites invigorated!


College boys can do a lot of demolition

13 Mar

Feeding monkeys in the jungle

12 Mar

What do you do with nine college boys on Spring Break?

11 Mar

A beautiful evening for some beach frisbee

11 Mar

Going green…or at least cheap

7 Mar

We’re in the midst of changing vehicles from Korean to American. With our second child heading off to college soon we will be able to do just fine with a smaller capacity car. And with this change we are going green with propane. There are over 180 propane filling stations in this country the size of West Virginia, so this is a very convenient way to save. And with propane at just half the cost of gasoline, we hope to reduce our fuel expenses significantly. Our “new” car is a 1998 Chevy Silverado 2500. Big motor and hopefully fewer parts that will break on a regular basis.

We just have to get used to riding around with a potential-bomb in the back.

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Another year older

6 Mar

Forty-seven today…

The guy in this picture never imagined what life would be like on his birthday almost thirty years later. Less hair (but not as little as he feared), kids across three different decades, and traveling throughout the part of the world in which he dreamed he’d one day become a missionary. God has a terrific sense of humor. I had it all figured out back then. I had the plan all mapped and the steps lined up. But detours, failures, disappointments, odd circumstances and many many happy surprises made those plans silly and obsolete. How would things be different now if I had seen the future then? No way to tell, but I can’t think of any other way God could have put me where I am now other than to take Cathi and me through the crazy events of our lives up to this point.

Forty-seven doesn’t sound too bad from where I am right now. But I will still claim to be in my mid-forties for at least another year or two.

I wouldn’t mind if I got to keep the rest of my hair though.

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