I can’t say for sure, but I have doubts about the implied origins of these bottled waters in DR Congo

24 Feb

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“Tell me a story”

23 Feb

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In an oral culture stories are the best way to share the Truth. These kids and hundreds more in groups across Kinshasa learn about God’s truth through stories that they learn, repeat and tell to others. But our focus is on developing the Congolese leaders who give their time and energy to reach hundreds of kids who would otherwise never hear about Jesus. At the same time the leaders disciple kids who are rising leaders to disciple their peers in story telling.

22 Feb

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Young ladies learning to read and write, gaining hope where there was none. The gospel in action in Kinshasa Congo.

21 Feb

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The ingenuity of Tanzanian gardners

16 Feb

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Beautiful venue for an Asheville wedding reception for Mary-Scott Barrack now McEntire

11 Feb

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From snowman to a circular pile of leaves. Winter in the south and our high efficiency snow removal strategy: sunshine

26 Jan

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