Investing in NextGen Workers for the Harvest

27 Apr
In January I posted this photo of these three young people and mentioned that they are pursuing ways to move into missions. One of the more interesting aspects is that their parents have encouraged this since they were young.  Their mom even told me that she had prayed that God would use them as missionaries even if it meant they wouldn’t live nearby.  That’s a huge commitment by a Latina mom whose culture demands that kids are close by.  I was amazed at this level of commitment.  One of our struggles in mobilizing new workers from the States can often be parents who don’t support their children’s desire to serve outside the country.
When I posted their picture from Chile in January I promised more info to come, and here it is.  These three young people are raising support to serve at the EFCA Challenge conference this summer.  Challenge is a bi-annual event that draws around 5,000 students and youth workers for a week of worship, learning and being called to a deeper commitment to Jesus.  Paula, Esteban and Angela are going to serve alongside us in coaching, counseling and challenging students as living models of what it means to forsake home and family to serve Jesus wholeheartedly.  Following that week they will serve with our Crisis Response team in New Orleans, then Paula and Angela will serve with our Mexico City team working with young girls and women rescued from the sex trafficking trade.
Are you interested in investing in them?  Does seeing God raise up workers for the harvest from other countries excite you?  It certainly excites me, and I’m so privileged to be able to mentor people like these three as they give all to serve our Lord.
To learn more in their own words:
To donate towards the costs through the EFCA:

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