Brazilian workers for the harvest

21 Apr

From our team in Rio de Janeiro….

Today 1200 young Brazilians between the ages of 16 and 30 will meet for the second annual Vocare (Vocation) Missions Conference.     Please pray for the 30 leaders of the 26 missions organizations running the conference and their leader, Rodrigo from mission Base.    Here they are below!


  • Praise God for the Vision to work in partnership of so many diverse organizations working together with the common goal of mobilizing this young generation to Trans-cultural Missions!
  • Please pray for unity among the leaders in the midst of stress, conflict and the hundreds of details that can disrupt a national conference:  Disrupted Travel Itineraries, Technical problems (sound and lights), housing and hosting details (beds, roommates, toilets and showers), 
  • Please pray for Unity between the speakers and among the thousands of participants in the midst of a politically volatile country after the pro impeachment vote of the congress.  Brazil has more than 30 political parties and the students coming will represent all of them.   There has already been party bashing of some of the main speakers by some denominations.
  • Pray that the main thing will be the main thing!  Jesus is calling this generation to himself and sending them out in the power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of the Risen Christ and is calling this generation to go preach the good news and making disciples of the nations! 
  • The students will present 10 different visions for new cross cultural missions projects.  Please pray for a new  harvest of career missionaries.  Pray for new works of grace to be born as a result of this conference!

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