Tuesday morning update

17 Sep

My mom had a very restful night and is very encouraged today. This is a note she sent to a friend:

“I just talked with anesthesia. She said I would go down about 7am, they would do all the anesthesia stuff and he would start the surgery about 8:00 am. It will take 4-5hours then I would be in recovery until everything is calm with my heart, then I would go to CCU, so we are probably into Friday. I will be back on CCStep down which is where I am now.
Just talked with Dr. Chan’s PA and he was wonderful. He said in a month I would be getting over my acute pain, in 3 months I would start feeling better and in 6 months I would stop using my surgery as a reference point. I will be ready to LIVE AGAIN. Hooray! I am excited about the prospects!”

One Response to “Tuesday morning update”

  1. alepooley September 17, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    We will be praying for her recovering friend. Blessings.

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