I think there are eleven people in our house tonight…

11 Jul
Four Duggans, four with a short term team (one member is from Mexico) working with a partner church, a TCK from Europe and a neighbor friend of our youngest daughter. And thats just what’s left after a dozen Costa Rican children’s Bible teachers left after an evening of training. Although not a typical mix, it is fairly typical to have more than Duggans in this house which makes for a rich mix of cultures, stories and noise. Sometimes we take the command in Romans to “practice hospitality” a little farther than Paul may have meant. And we get so much enjoyment when we never know who may  be here next. 
But the dog is tired. 

One Response to “I think there are eleven people in our house tonight…”

  1. Anonymous July 11, 2013 at 3:11 pm #

    Potato soup can go a long way when multiple mouths are there to feed! Sounds fun!Dale Burley

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