Shake, rattle and roll

5 Sep
Revised down to 7.6
Living in a tectonically active country means we have frequent tremors that remind us how alive this country is.  Usually it’s a nice little wake-up that makes us smile and continue on our way. This morning was a different story though. As the movement began we noticed it grew bigger, the house started moving and it was getting louder.  For only the second time in dozens of quakes over these past five years we evacuated the house. The cars were bouncing, our outside wall was moving, and the house was groaning. The dog couldn’t decide if inside our outside was safest.  At a nearby school we heard the kids screaming and (we imagine) evacuating the buildings.  One of our staff was in WalMart and said people dropped everything and ran outside.  Even after it ended we’ve had smaller aftershocks.  But here in San Jose we’re fine. I did have to readjust pictures on the walls but no damage that we know of. One of our partners is checking with pastors up in Guanacaste but the cell network is down.  We’re praying they are OK and are ready to respond if needed.
On Friday we will be receiving a plaque of appreciation from a local school with buildings built in 1874. Church at Charlotte partnered with a local church, Centro Internacional de Avivamiento, to put a new roof on one of the buildings. During that process the builder found one of the ancient walls over 50 feet high was completely unsupported. He was able to save enough in the budget to do a complete reinforcement of that wall.  I think the event on Friday will have special meaning now.  That wall easily would have fallen in the earthquake this morning.  God knew that and put it in the hearts of many generous people to give to the roof repair, resulting in a potential disaster avoided.  
It’s a privilege to do what we do and see God at work.  And it amazes us that he chose us to be part of his work.  We are thankful for you who support us and pray for us.  You are just as much a part of this as we are.  Thanks!

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