Neighborhood firemen

14 Apr

Not all the adventures I have occur far from home.  I’d been here less than 24 hours when a neighbor started yelling our names.  I went to the gate and saw a brush fire raging with very dry debris and vegetation just waiting to turn it into a major problem.  Ben joined me, then some neighbors as people brought buckets of water and we dug away at burning piles.  These two tires were buried and burning so we had to pull them out.  Cathi often questions the condition of my Saturday attire, but I think my old clothes will have a reprieve now that these have survived the fight.  Just a few weeks ago my emergency nursing skills were called upon quite a bit in Hong Kong.  Today my six years as a volunteer firefighter came in handy.  And no, calling the fire department here is not a viable option.  Never a dull moment in this life!
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