Church on the Street

31 Aug

My brother Glenn is an incredible example of a life transformed by the gospel. From self-centered to God-centered, from spiritual indifference to bold proclaimer, and from a life of causing pain to a life of sharing God’s grace with as many as possible. This week he took me to a ministry in Canton Georgia where I spoke to 50+ people about Christ’s love for them….in Spanish. These folks are not your typical southern culture. They are undocumented Latinos, mostly from Guatemala, who are just trying to survive in a world that is foreign to them and that does not welcome them. This ministry, Church on the Street, is reaching those who live much of their lives in hiding, wondering if there will be work for the men and how they can raise their children in a safe environment. The words of the gospel are words of hope, even in my poorly spoken Spanish. And my brother, who does not speak Spanish, was engaging with the men, sitting with them and listening to their stories, entering into their world. Before Christ he would have ignored them and only thought about their illegal status. In Christ his focus is on their hearts and sharing the news of Christ’s love for them. I found myself in awe of the power of the gospel to change lives dramatically. What a privilege to see what God is doing in the lives of Latinos and the life of my brother and his family. This is one of those times I feel like I’m just holding on to the ride as God takes me from place to place all over the western hemisphere and shows me his power and his love for the world.

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