Life goes on in Haiti

15 Jul

Life in Haiti can be hard.  Actually, for most it is hard all of the time.  Yet hard doesn’t mean it stops and people find ways to cope.  Life goes on.  Children are still children, needing love and a human touch.  Toys still inspire their imaginations and a smile crosses all language barriers. 

Though my purpose on this short visit is focused more on our long term team and its plans I have still been able to visit some of our friends here.  No matter how many times I come I am amazed at the reminder that God is still supreme even in the midst of seeming hopelessness.  He still has his people, his work, and his love evident in the most unlikely places. 

It is humbling to be part of a ministry that can have such impact on the lives of others.  A year and a half ago we weren’t thinking about Haiti.  Today the country and its people are part of our lives on a daily basis. 

Pray for Haiti. Pray for God to use us to accomplish his purpose and plan.  And pray for more workers to join in this amazing journey. The rewards go far beyond what we can imagine.  Certainly that has been the case for our family.  Could God be talking to one of your children? To one of your family? To you? 

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