Slipping away, changing gears and location

22 Apr

So much of my role involves talking, coaching and thinking.  Sometimes it is from my home office, sometimes in a wide variety of countries and conditions, but it always involves decisions, judgment calls, diplomacy and strategy.  That is why we love opportunities to completely change gears and draw on different skill sets and experience from years past.  Cathi and I joined the International Youth Group for their Spring retreat at La Cumbre, a camp high in the mountains (7,500 ft.) of central Costa Rica.  We weren’t leading, weren’t in charge.  We were just the nurses and for us it was a wonderful time of relaxation.

Anna came along and did her best to keep up with the teens.  The “Leap of Faith” high ropes was perhaps a bit too much for her though.

Ben plays guitar on the worship team and for the first time played his ukulele in public.

This high mountain “holler” is a destination for birdwatching afficianados to catch a glimpse of the Quetzal.  We were treated to a real display without even searching for it.

And of course, there was just time to be with my young girl and enjoy God’s amazing creation.

Work is God’s gift to us.  Yet even if we enjoy it we can recharge by doing something completely different for a time.  Time away can be an opportunity to get perspective on our “regular” lives.  Cathi and I love what we do and we love that we can take some short detours along the way.
There is a slogan by LG Electronics….Life’s Good.  It has nothing to do with electronics, but I have to agree, even when it’s tough, life’s good.  Thank God, not LG.

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