Natural tension, intentional safety

25 Feb

God not only designed our natural skills and tendencies, he also designated the environment and culture that would influence our outlook on life.  Our ReachGlobal Latin America/Caribbean leadership team has a number of natural tensions that become advantages for accomplishing vision when there is an intentional environment of safety where these tensions can be expressed.  In our team we have members along these continuums:
·        Outspoken ——–  Pondering
·        English mother tongue —— Spanish mother tongue
·        North American worldview —– Latin American worldview
·        Theological frame of mind ——- business frame of mind
·        God has spoken —– God still speaks
These and other tensions keep us on our toes.  Team members are likely to be challenged if they make broad statements as if they are universally accepted.  It is incumbent on the leader to ensure the team has a sense of safety in challenging one another.  Toes can be stepped on and tensions can rise.  However, in an environment of grace and mutual respect the team knows that these tensions can lead to amazing breakthroughs in vision, strategy and tactics. 
¡Vivan las diferencias!

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