Inviting the lions

23 Feb

We recently held four days of meetings here in Costa Rica with the ReachGlobal area leaders in Latin America.  Each of them has extensive experience, knowledge and credibility in their areas.  Each has a driving passion to see God’s work done in Latin America.  And each of them is willing to share their opinions whether they are popular or not.  That doesn’t mean they are not diplomatic, but “speaking the truth in love” is still speaking truth.  And that can lead to hurt feelings if we do not have a humble attitude, open to hearing those things we may not want to hear.  Do I want a team of people who agree with me all the time, build up my ego, tell me I’m doing a great job?  Honestly, that would feel nice.  On the other hand, it could lead to disaster, or worse, complacency.  As our meetings concluded I thanked God once again for the lions I’ve invited into this team.  As C.S. Lewis said in describing Aslan, “Safe? ‘Course he’s not safe.  But he’s good.”  God has blessed the Latin American division of ReachGlobal with leaders who are hungry and passionate.  They don’t follow blindly, but they do value and respect each other.  The only bruises I get are where my pride sticks out.  So in building the team that will take on the leadership for the work God has given us in Latin America, I have to ask myself what kind of people should be on that team.  Should it be a group of people who value agreement over truth? Pleasing over challenging?
Bruises will heal.  I choose to wrestle with lions.  

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