Forty-two Months….

5 Dec

Three years and six months. 42 months. Amazing. When I look into the faces of those whom I have relationship with or at photos of those whose paths crossed mine during those 42 months I am so thankful that God placed our family here. I can’t begin to imagine not having met my dearest friends here, for experiencing God’s tender touch and soft-spoken whisper at just the right moment and learning about faith by living alongside those whose very lives depict it. You see, living life one thousand miles from familiarity is impossible without the intricate details woven into each moment by our Creator.

A handwritten note. Prayer prompted by a whisper. Crystal Light in every flavor imaginable. A song. Pecans. A tender touch. Chocolate( some very luscious, organic chocolate). A listening ear. Rain, and more rain. Brownie mix. Flawed Spanish. Magazines from the USA. Another prayer. Thanksgiving napkins. A phone call. Sunshine. Broken English. A tear . Laughter.

Thank you to those who were the hands , feet ,and heart of God to me and my family during these 42 months. Those who taught me more about faith than you will ever know. For allowing us to touch the lives of total strangers, and for the time to become friends to others along the way. Your investment breathes life and is necessary for us to serve others . Stay with us for the journey.

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