8 Nov

This poem was written by a gringo student living and experiencing recent events here in San Jose.

You might see an avalanche being a threat
But here we are more worried about the rain
Seven inches in one day, though we mustn’t fret
Only believe that God will becalm the downfall

The very audible assonant bass sound of the rain
And its beau the thunder and lightning
The badgering wind throwing the droplets onto you is a pain
When writing a ballad on the azure sky that lays above

With the rain comes the atrocious cold
We have to bundle up to escape it
So baleful that it awakens the household
So we bask by the fire athirst for warmth

Drinking authentic Costa Rican coffee
We sit on the front porch
Nibbling on bits of tasty toffee
Beaming with beatitude for our benison of having a shelter

Bemoaning for those lost in the many mud slides
Grateful for the benevolence by the people helping
While we stay in our comfortable home and hide
Wondering when the horrendous storm will halt

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