Soggy in Costa Rica

6 Nov

The last weeks in Costa Rica have been rainy, dreary, and unseasonably cool. For most North Americans, central heat and air conditioning are standard even in the most humble dwellings, but when outside temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s and damp here in Latin America, things are pretty chilly inside as well !

Today is a national day of mourning, and flags are at half staff, for those killed and missing during landslides and other calamities brought on by the continued saturation of Costa Rica during this rainy season. Many are without clean water, phone coverage is spotty, and some are without electricity. Our family is grateful to have both water and electricity, and warm blankets to snuggle up in, while many have been displaced both here and in St. Lucia, Jamaica and Haiti.

Brian,our son Matthew and Kevin(Touchglobal staff) are safely in Haiti. Pray for open doors and open hearts as they seek to minister during this time, and for summit meetings that will take place beginning Monday.
Many Costa Rican neighbors have been shaken in recent days by increasing crime, economic variability and weather-related deaths and damage. Pray for sensitivity and opportunities to boldly share the love of Christ in word and deed.

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