Mustard Seeds, Rainy Season and Faith

27 Aug

I’ll never forget the indelible impression a tiny mustard seed encased in a sterling silver charm made on me during adolescence. My Aunt explained that she wore it because it reminded her of Jesus’ words in the New Testament referring to faith. At that time, I was only concerned with the outward appearance of the trinket itself. Now in my adult years, I am gratefully aware of the truth of Jesus’ parables spoken in the book of Matthew, chapters 13 and 17.

I’ve had several recent experiences where these parables have come alive for me and totally caught me off guard. Remember, I live several thousand miles from my designated hometown, in a culture vastly different from the one which shaped my belief system.

However, one recent rainy afternoon, as rain splattered my front windshield and obscured visibility to nothing I saw faith in action. My first thought was that the fuses which provide electrical power don’t last long here in humid Costa Rica – my dear Costa Rican friend put her faith into action, placed her hand on the windshield, prayed aloud, and continued whispering prayers to remedy the situation. In awe, I watched as the wipers sprang to life about 2 minutes later.

And I am a woman who prays often; conversationally, wherever I may be–but I have never laid hands on malfunctioning auto parts- maybe I should…

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