Orphanage of Notre Dame update

27 Jul

You may remember the stories and photos from just after the earthquake when we followed up one of many unsubstantiated rumors about an orphanage with 56 dead and 60+ orphans who were in a pretty desperate situation.  Our hearts were broken by what we found, but thrilled when we were able to provide immediate help and connect them with others who have provided food, water, shelter and other help.

The changes since that awful time six months ago are significant, but the situation is still pretty difficult.  Mom Evelyn, the orphanage’s director, took us on a tour of what they’ve been doing and planning.  She has begun work in removing and repurposing rubble and the kids are being cared for well. 

As we were talking with the director I watched a little two or three year old boy who had lost a leg far above his knee.  He had a little child’s plastic stacking chair that he used as a crutch, and wow! that boy could move!  In seconds he had crossed over a wall, pulled his chair after him, came cruising up to me and reached up to be held.  He had the most amazing smile and didn’t let a little thing like a missing leg keep him from the joy of life.  

One Response to “Orphanage of Notre Dame update”

  1. Cathimommy July 27, 2010 at 11:20 am #

    Cute pic of both of you. Anna wants you to go to Jasmine's and hold Jenny too!Love you,Cathi and Anna

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