Shelter progress

6 Jul

It’s hurricane season, and most of the people in the earthquake impacted area of Haiti remain under tarps or in tents.  Keeping dry is part of the challenge, but keeping safe in high winds can mean life or death.  Each week teams are coming to help us put up shelters that provide protection even in hurricane conditions.  This week’s Google Earth snapshot shows how many have gone up in partnership with local Haitian leaders and Samaritan’s Purse (providing materials).  Even in the midst of this urgent work, building and nurturing relationships is key to success.  Pray that these relationships develop well, that Christ is central to the work, and that many will be blessed with adequate shelter before the first big storm.

One Response to “Shelter progress”

  1. Shannon July 16, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    wow, thank you for posting this, and for the ongoing work. I have been thinking about your family and ministry a lot this week especially, and am always grateful to be connected through prayer and your blog. What a treat to see these awesome pictures and know specifically how to pray! A group of us at CBC in High Point will be praying for you Sunday am, too, for the upcoming week with Christ at the center, giving Him a lot of glory with each shelter and in every relationship.

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