Carver Bible College in Brazil

4 Jun

I recently returned from a two-week trip to Brazil with a team from Carver Bible College in Atlanta Georgia. The purpose of the trip was to engage our traditionally caucasian EFCA movement in becoming more diverse in our representation…maybe even reflect the diversity of the big “C” Church. We chose Brazil since it is much more diverse than many Latin America countries and racial diversity is not an issue. We also prayed for God to move on the hearts of the team members to consider missions, and He answered that prayer along the way. We spent time with the desperate and the comfortable, those who reach out to the hopeless and those who reach the middle class. We saw and experienced new things in each location and saw God’s grace in so many Brazilians who sacrifice a life of seeking material success (Brazil is the fourth fastest growing world economy) in order to see God’s kingdom built.

Our team was quite diverse as well. It included a Guatamalan, Jamaican, Philipina, British, Korena American, caucasians and African Americans. We had some great discussions on the nature of the church, ethnic differences, historical roles and new opportunities for reconciliation. Personally I learned so much from my brothers and sisters in Christ and was challenged to consider perspectives I had never heard.

Along the way we prayed together, slept in comfortable and not so comfortable conditions, rode many hours in tight (by our standards) vehicles, and developed a fun comraderie. This next week I’ll be posting blog entries about our days together and share photos of some of the highlights. Thanks for following along!

By the way, although this is offset by a week or two, I do keep up to date info posted through Twitter. Follow me at BDugganRN on Twitter and I’ll return the favor.

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