What’s on sale…?

6 Apr

A few weeks ago our plumbing was running sluggishly, so Melissa, our newest Reachglobal missionary and I popped into EPA ( think home improvement store like the two we know and love in the U.S. suburbs) to pick up some maintenance items. We had noticed the parking lot was a bit full, but wondered what was up when we approached the checkout lines….

Not a end of season sale, but a new law was about to be enacted that would require drivers to have children up to age 12 in booster or carseats and everyone to have specified items in their cars or face steep fines! Fortunately, we had purchased those items when the first law was proposed, and these kits cost more and had fewer
items in them. Among them, a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, reflective vests and triangles, flashlight and first aid kit, with several items that were proposed months ago removed from the newly ratified law. Melissa kindly took a photo of the required items listed on a tag of the estuche de emergencia(emergency kit) and we found that our kit had everything it needed with a few extras! I wonder if rental cars are equipped with these now?

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