Good Friday during Semana Santa

2 Apr

Semana Santa is the week before Easter that is celebrated throughout Latin America as a time for vacation and family get-togethers. Stores close, and in Costa Rica, thousands go to the beach. It’s a perfect time to relax in San Jose where the traffic is minimal and everyone is pretty relaxed. There are various “processions” or parades with themes taken from Passion Week. Today we attended a procession where a statue of Christ carrying the cross was pulled along by “Roman” soldiers. Every 500 yards or so it would stop and there would be a small live drama acted out. Some of these can get out of hand though. One friend told me about a procession where the Jesus figure was a live actor who was being hit by the crowds and soldiers as part of the drama. Apparently he eventually got tired of the role and jumped up and started beating the beaters. Not exactly historically accurate, but it was a point of great hilarity for the onlookers.

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