Helping women….in Costa Rica, Haiti, and who knows where else….

3 Feb

Most of my friends and blog followers know I am passionate about women’s health, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, and yesterday it got the best of me. I clicked a link on Ebay and actually offered an absurdedly low price for a newly recommended pocket Doppler to detect fetal heart tones, peripheral pulses, you name it….anyhow, I won the auction (which saved my missionary budget 50% off retail, free shipping) but wondered if any of my friends who are passionate about women’s health, birth, midwifery, the less fortunate worldwide, etc wanted to contribute to the impulse purchase of this piece of equipment (but much needed) and other expenses in helping the women and babies of Costa Rica, Haiti, and wherever God takes Brian and Cathi in forthcoming years!

It has already shipped and will come back to Costa Rica with Brian on one of his upcoming trips! I’ll post a picture of the old(electricity-dependent, non-portable and heavy) and new (can’t wait to use it!) in use for comparison!

Guess what…the company I just purchased it from is donating a second one for me to take, to use, and to leave with a indigenous midwife in Haiti when I return!

Our account number is #1263 and click on the following link to donate!

2 Responses to “Helping women….in Costa Rica, Haiti, and who knows where else….”

  1. Amy February 4, 2010 at 5:33 am #

    Ayurvedic health formulas popular with Costa Rican men and women.Costa Rica’s excellent environment, it’s a sure formula for paradise on Earth. For more information visit here:

  2. Cathi Duggan February 5, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    The above shouldn't be here–don't recommend –they somehow googled my blog and piggybacked….Hugs,Cathi

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