Gratitude in poverty

26 Nov

This shack is where Andrés, one of the neighborhood guards, lives with his wife, three year-old son and newborn (yesterday) baby live.  We visited this morning so we could give them a blanket and Cathi could check on her recovery. 

While Andrés and I played trucks with the young son Dárian, Cathi visited with the ladies (and baby Dérian).  Thanks to a generous supporter (thanks Darlene!) we were able to give the family a fleece blanket for the very cool nights.  The mom told her it was the softest thing she had ever felt! 

You can tell by the impish grin that big brother is more interested in playing hard than looking at a baby.  He lives in a boy’s wonderland with rocks, dirt and lots of places to climb.  Some things are the same across all cultures!

So this Thanksgiving we will celebrate with turkey and all the fixins with a number of guests in our home while just a short walk away this family is celebrating a new life in stark surroundings.  Gratitude comes in many forms, but we are grateful that we have a daily reminder of God’s incredible love for all people.

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