Person of peace

13 Nov

How do missionaries move into a new area?  There are many approaches, but one that proves to be very effective is to find a “person of peace”.  This is a person who may not be a Christian but who is sympathetic to the people bringing the Gospel.  Often this person is influential in their community, can introduce the team to others and can open doors that would never open for a ministry team.  In Tarma Peru one person of peace is Lucas.  He owns a higher-education institute where young people in Tarma can take courses in various languages as well as become chefs.  Lucas is a hard-working man who has a lot of influence in the Tarma community.  He has invited our missionaries to teach English classes as well as teach on other important topics such as conflict resolution.  Pray for Lucas (pictured in the center of this photo).  He’s driven to work hard and is not able to spend a lot of time with his family.  He has befriended our team in an incredible way.  God has his hand on this man who has been our person of peace in Tarma.

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