Chincha two years later

1 Nov

Two years ago Mark Lewis and I came to Chincha Peru to see how ReachGlobal could help with the recovery after a devastating earthquake that left 40,0000 homes destroyed. On that trip we met Johny (on my left) who was leading his small community of 300 families in rebuilding their lives. When people who have next to nothing lose even that, it can be overwhelming. TouchGlobal (the compassion outreach arm of our mission), under the direction of Mark Lewis (second from right) began a ministry partnered with Food for the Hungry, the Evangelical Free churches of Lima and teams from the USA. The Lima churches sent Felix (far right) and his family to Chincha to work with our missionaries, locals and teams from both the USA and Lima. Since then a number of homes have been rebuilt, trust has grown within the three communities we are working, and four home Bible studies along with a youth ministry of 40 teens are thriving. This has truly been a testament to how the church can show in practical ways how the Gospel is truth and how God can open doors in the most hardened of communities.

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