Master cardboard destroyers

7 Sep

Twenty-two new whiteboards, plus two 16 foot ones that had been donated two years previously and no one had been able to move them upstairs. The first meeting of our Latin America Holistic Ministry team took place in New Orleans and we set aside a day for team-building by enjoying the refreshing climate of New Orleans in August. The team took on two projects, one taping and mudding a house and one helping a school in one of the poorest areas of the city. Cathi and one of our newest missionaries, Sue Jenkins, found a creative way to move these huge boxes that once covered the whiteboards.

Our new team is spread across three Latin American countries and will focus on initiatives that reach the unchurched in ways that touch physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Their ministries include counseling, construction, micro-enterprise, medical, ESL and other means to show the love of Christ in the context of local churches. We are excited to see this ministry grow into a model for multiplying healthy churches in Latin America. Please pray for a God-provided leader for this team who will take it to new levels of outreach.

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