A Patchwork Quilt Summer

31 Jul

     My time in the States began at Winshape Camp for Boys where I reconnected with friends seen only yearly—but what a glorious 12 days of friendships, teamwork and ministry transpire! After several speaking engagements, we literally spread patchwork quilts to watch the laser show at Stone Mountain, a first-time experience for our youngest two, Ben and Anna.


     During the past two weeks, we’ve spent time with new friends(High Point small group who’ve loved us from afar),  friends from the remote past(from college days who now pastor in North Carolina),  friends from the distant past(Brian’s childhood church congregation, 3rd grade teacher, and his first pastor), and friends from our recent(Charlotte/Matthews) and newlywed past(Lou and Andrea, you’re the best!)-but the Lord’s kindness on providing such a beautifully woven summer has inspired us and encouraged us. We have the next 36 hours to cocoon as a family (and only that brief time to be altogether), and then we leave for meetings with our newest friends, our Reachglobal missionary Latin America leadership team, and then our newest team, the Holistic Ministry team meeting for the first time live in New Orleans!


Join us in praying for special family time before our eldest return to college, for focus and unity during team meetings, and for ministry opportunities that arise during the way!






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