Report from the field

30 Jun

I just received this note from the pastor of the Costa Rican church where the Church at Charlotte youth team spent last week:

I received a call from the director of the school thanking us for the work done by the youth team. She said the doors of the school are open for whatever activity or work we wish to do. She said that she saw something different in this team that she has never seen in any others who have helped before.

The director of the orphanage expressed her happiness with the work done by the youth and the testimony presented by them. The doors will stay open for the church (Jaime’s church) and whatever activity they would like to do.

The Selva Verde (Green Jungle) community, where the youth painted the playground, is very happy. They have been talking about how great a time it was and how the youth demonstrated what they can achieve when they work together. They said that the youth have to have something different to come from so far away and help people that they don’t know. This has given the church the opportunity to carry the Gospel to this community.

Now the youth of our church talk about their ability to do other things, different from what they have been doing. Please give the youth and Church at Charlotte my thanks for the work you did and my apologies for our errors and mistakes in our preparation. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

What a wonderful report! This trip resulted in new opportunities for our Costa Rican sister church to reach its community with the Gospel. It inspired the church to try new and creative ways to show Christ’s love to their community. And I know it challenged the thoughts and hearts of these North American youth and leaders.

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