God’s intervention or my ability…what’s the difference?

21 Apr
God has equipped every believer with spiritual gifts, many of which we find listed in the Bible.  But we tend to separate those gifts from natural abilities which each of us posses.  A charismatic person might be described as having the gift of gab.  A person who is able to see down the road and anticipate opportunities could be called a visionary.  Are these spiritual gifts or are they natural talents?  For the Christ-follower, is there a difference?  A visionary might make a particularly outstanding call that results in great success.  Is it because she was at the top of her game, or was it God providing specific insight?  A naturally empathetic person may identify and rescue a person who is hiding a deep hurt.  Was it because he had developed his skill so much that he saw what others didn’t?  Or was it the Holy Spirit whispering in his ear? 
As I’m growing in my personal walk with Jesus, I am realizing that the reason I make those distinctions is because of who I think should get the credit.  If it’s of God, I want to acknowledge that, but if it’s because of my natural abilities and skills, I tend to take credit for it.  But from whom did I get those skills?  And for whose work should they be committed?  In reality, my own skills and abilities come from the same person who gives me the classic “spiritual” gifts.  So is there a distinction in God’s point of view?  Probably not.  He takes as much joy in me using my spiritual gifts as he does my other gifts. Perhaps in God’s world, there is no difference because they are all for his glory, not mine.

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