Which part this month?

4 Mar

Glass half empty – What will break next?

How many times have you changed the water pump in your car in the last year? The fan clutch? Battery? Twice each for this car, plus a radiator, clutch, transmission, window motor and other parts I can’t even remember. Every month it’s something different. Every month it’s at a time we can’t do without a vehicle. Every month we wonder what part is going to fall off next.

Glass half full – a mechanic that makes house-calls

One phone call and a mechanic comes to our house, evaluates the problem-of-the-month, fetches new parts, fixes the van, and charges less than it would cost to have a mechanic back home even open the hood. Yesterday our water pump went out (second time in a year). Total cost for the whole repair including parts … $75. No waiting in lines, no towing charge. It’s much less inconvenience than at home.

So I choose to see the glass as half full. Sure the thing breaks more than a Yugo (remember those?), but ya gotta love the way it gets repaired.

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