Poas earthquake

24 Jan

For more info on this, visit efcacrisisresponse.blogspot.com

Although we couldn’t get past the damaged roads we were able to visit a number of shelters and view condemned houses.  Many were built on an unknown faultline and have cracks going end to end.  It was amazing to see open cracks in the ground that ran right up through the foundation of the houses and continuing on to the other side.  Many of these affected are working during the day and returning to their families at night in the shelters.  The government is going through and condemning not only the houses, but also the ground that is no longer suitable for building.  Many are fearful that they will not receive any insurance payment, will lose their homes and properties, and will still be liable for their mortgages.

Stay tuned as we seek how we might work with local churches in the region to build hope in the context of the Gospel.

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