This had better be good…

31 Dec

My mother in law Marian and I set off down a bumpy road jutted with ruts and rocks to find an interesting hidden away pottery studio near our home…we approached a chain across the road and I realized that it was quite possible that the guard and the studio inhabitants were not available, then quickly surmised that I would have to back up about 300 yds(I do anything to avoid putting a 12 pax Starex in reverse)…and as soon as I gathered my courage, backed up nearly 300 yds, the guard appeared. Marian said let’s go see if he will let us pass—I couldn’t believe she talked me into it, but we approached, asked for la ceramica, and he dropped the chain!

About 100 meters up the road I remembered that Brian told me it was up. Up is one way to describe where the studio is located, but along a single lane drive with hairpin turns is another. I also remembered a remark about some dogs…. The kind of dog reminiscent of Rex, the neighbors’ dog in North Carolina. He loved me, but he looked as though he would eat anything or anyone approaching!

It was worth it! Pefi’s studio had beautiful, whimsical pottery pieces of all patterns, shapes, and sizes! Too pricey for me, but Marian bought a cute pitcher! A must see if you visit the east side of the Central Valley!

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