Part of the Community

3 Dec

Even though the dreary rainy day at the end of rainy season prevented us from cutting our Christmas tree today, and Anna’s fever and hacking cough continued, I knew we were part of a community. And the very wonderful thing, part of the local La Union community where neighbors greet neighbors with “Buenas, como le va?” (Good afternoon, evening, how’s it going?) careful to notice any difference in response. I guess my response wasn’t as cheery this afternoon, but my local grocer gave me suggestions on how to use local honey to make a natural cough syrup, and our friends at the local panaderia knew that teddy bear cookies would put a smile on Anna’s face and help her recuperation so that she could brighten the community as she took walks with her siblings and Oreo! They also offered tips on using cold water and alcohol on foreheads to bring down the fever and gave me fresh bread for dinner!

I left their store, with a smile on my face even though the rain continued to pour! Thanks for allowing us to be a light in this community—even on days that seem less than perfect!

One Response to “Part of the Community”

  1. The Byrd's Nest December 15, 2008 at 1:07 am #

    Isn’t it nice when God places these people in our day when we aren’t feeling very well? Big Hugs and I am praying everyone is well.

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